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This is the resource information for EMROG Net Operations.

Vocal Radio Net Schedule:

  • A regularly scheduled net will be held on the VHF FM repeater on the First Monday of each month at 7:30PM local time. Unscheduled nets will be held on an as-needed basis as conditions merit. Exceptions may exist and be published on this web page.

Vocal Radio Net Frequencies:

  • VHF FM Duplex Primary (repeater):     145.490 PL=123.0 Negative Offset
  • VHF FM Duplex Secondary (repeater):  145.490 PL=203.5 Negative Offset
  • UHF FM Duplex (repeater):   444.525  PL=123.0 Positive Offset
  • Primary VHF FM Simplex:     146.580
  • Secondary VHF FM Simplex:  147.580
  • Primary UHF FM Simplex:      446.035
  • Secondary UHF FM Simplex:  441.035
  • HF Simplex: 3970 kHz Lower Side Band.

Data Radio Net Frequencies:

  • FM Primary:     145.050 Simplex
  • FM Secondary: 145.010 Simplex
  • HF Tertiary:     7080 kHz CW/Lower Side Band, or
                         10125 kHz CW/Upper Side Band, or
                         3580 kHz CW/Lower Side Band

Future Net Control Operators:

  • December 1: NT5SM Scott McKee -  Primary Repeater
  • January 5: WB5EXI  Charles Kimtantas - Primary Repeater
  • February 2:
  • March 2:
  • April 6: KD5QPX Pete Sauermilch
  • May 4: KD5QPX Pete Sauermilch
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