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This is the resource information for EMROG Net Operations.

Vocal Radio Net Schedule:

  • Regular net is held on VHF FM Duplex (repeater below) at 1930 Mondays, except for the 3rd Monday of the month. Exceptions will exist and be announced in advance by the RRO.

Vocal Radio Net Frequencies:

  • VHF FM Duplex Primary (repeater):     145.490 PL=123.0 Negative Offset
  • VHF FM Duplex Secondary (repeater):  145.490 PL=203.5 Negative Offset
  • UHF FM Duplex (repeater):   444.525  PL=123.0 Positive Offset
  • Primary VHF FM Simplex:     146.580
  • Secondary VHF FM Simplex:  147.580
  • Primary UHF FM Simplex:      446.035
  • Secondary UHF FM Simplex:  441.035
  • HF Simplex: 3970 kHz Lower Side Band.

Data Radio Net Schedule:


  • At 1930 CDT/CDST every Sunday

Data Radio Net Frequencies:

  • FM Primary:     145.050 Simplex
  • FM Secondary: 145.010 Simplex
  • HF Tertiary:     7080 kHz CW/Lower Side Band, or
                         10125 kHz CW/Upper Side Band, or
                         3580 kHz CW/Lower Side Band

Future Net Control Operators:

  • November 3: KD5QPX Pete Sauermilch -  Primary Repeater

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