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FOX 39 newsThe Fort Bend County Public Information Officers Network is a network individuals from Fort Bend County's jurisdictions who serve as Official Public Information Officers, are tasked with public information responsibilities, or who serve as designated spokespersons for their jurisdictions.  This network was developed as a means to share information and develop standard communication protocols that will be used to communicate to our community during an emergency, incident, or disaster.


The Fort Bend County Public Information Officers Network will provide the local community with vital information for awareness, safety, and survival in a crisis.


To provide a collaborative communications network in Fort Bend County in order to provide residents, guests, and our local, regional, state, and national partners with information and communication resources to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis.

What can we do?

  • Fortify the information plan/system
  • Establish a Joint Information Center
  • Share plans, expectations, and issues
  • Maximize technology and embrace traditional measures
  • Reach out to speical needs populations
  • Include the Media in Planning


  • Implement a well-organized, easy-to-use computer-based network that connects all stakeholders
  • Provide first responder agencies with public information support in a crisis
  • Collaboration within the network to develop consistent messages, i.e., "Speak with one voice."
  • Inititate a joint information center to facilitate timely communications in a crisis
  • Collectively work in advance of an incident to educate the public about crises response
  • Identify desired public action
  • Provide reasonable knowledge of the situation
  • Instill public reassurance
  • Coordinate media resonse
  • Implement emergency public information system
  • Facilitate internal communications

Meeting Schedule

New Information coming soon!!

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