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Federal disaster assistance is available to individuals in Fort Bend County. Register today to receive assistance if you suffered damages from the damaging Memorial Day storms.

FBCOEM on Social Media

Posted December 11, 2009 3:14:46 PM CST

The Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) plans and prepares for emergencies, educates the public about preparedness, coordinates emergency response and recovery, and collects and disseminates emergency information. To accomplish this mission, OEM maintains a disciplined unit of emergency management personnel, including responders, planners, watch commanders, and administrative and support staff, to identify and respond to various hazards.

Our role of educating the public and disseminating emergency information means we want to be sending information in ways that the public wants to receive, as much as it makes sense. Increasingly, people are using Social Media to receive information on a daily basis. Fort Bend County recognizes this trend and wants to have a presence on Social Media sites where you, the public, can interact freely with us. for more information on social Media, and it's increasing importance in our community and the world, view the slide show prepared by OEM staffer Lach Mullen.

The necessary disclaimer

We are not endorsing any of the services listed below. We find them extremely useful for communicating with our community, but only use them because our community already is. If you want emergency information from us, there is no reason to sign-up for any of these services. They all exist to enhance our existing offerings, not to replace them. Any time you want true emergency alerts from us, you can register to receive updates on our website. Additionally, you can bookmark our site and it's RSS feeds to receive up-to-the-minute updates any time. You do not need to sign up for YouTube, Twitter, SlideShare or Facebook to receive emergency updates from our office.

These third party services do not constitute an official emergency broadcast system, nor are they official ways to contact us in a true emergency. If you have an urgent emergency, dial 911. Do not attempt to request medical or police assistance via social media. There have been numerous report of this happening, and in every case the person was endangered by neglecting to simply dial 911 for assistance.

Mockingbird Twitter LogoTwitter

Twitter is an online short messaging service. It works much like text-messages, updates are limited for 140 characters, and can be SMS'd (Text messaged) to and from your mobile phone. It can also be updated via the web, an instant messenger program, and numerous desktop applications.

The OEM has a Twitter account here: http://twitter.com/fbcoem, and we use it to post emergency information, updates and alerts to the public, in addition to promoting preparedness and community awareness. Most of our updates are very short (like this H1N1 update).

In addition to posting information, we use an application called TweetDeck to monitor what's going on in the community. During the Pecan Grove Gas Well Blowout we tweeted updates, and replied to community members who mentioned us in their Tweets. The same thing was done during the recent snowstorm

How can you use Twitter to communicate with us?

For starters, follow us on Twitter. After that, let us know you're here by sending us a message. If you'd like, you can turn on Device Updates on your mobile phone and our updates will come to you as text messages.

After that, please feel free to reply to our tweets to ask us a question, and re-tweet our messages to your followers. If you find something you think we should know about, send us an @reply and we'll see it (see disclaimer above about real emergencies).

Finally, take a look at the folks we follow. We get a lot of good information from FEMA and other local response partners through Twitter, so there may be some interesting people and agencies there for you too.

Of course, in an emergency situation, always dial 911 for help!


Facebook LogoFacebook is an online yearbook of sorts where you can update your profile, chat with friends and share information.

The OEM has a Facebook page here: http://facebook.com/fbcoem/, where we post a link to everything we post on our website, in addition to replying to comments from you, our "Fans."

How can you use Facebook to communicate with us?

First, click become a fan on the FBC OEM Facebook page (or in the fan box to the right).

Watch for our updates, and feel free to comment on them or click share to share them with friends.

Click on "Subscribe via SMS" to receive our updates on your mobile phone from Facebook.

Click on "Suggest to Friends" to share our page with your Friends who may be interested in the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management.

Of course, in an emergency situation, always dial 911 for help!


YouTube LogoYouTube is a video sharing service which allows us to load and share videos with our community. Fort Bend County OEM has a YouTube Channel (http://youtube.com/fbcoem) we use to load and share interesting videos, and to favorite videos from other response partners, from storm information to tips for preparing for each of the major disasters we face in Fort Bend County. During an incident, we may use our YouTube Channel to update citizens using short video clips.

How can you use YouTube to communicate with us?

On our YouTube Channel page click on subscribe to subscribe to our videos.

You can also click on the "favorites" button on our Channel page to view some of our other favorite videos from our response partners.

You can always comment on our videos as well, but if you have an urgent question for us please call our office or submit a question using our online form at http://contact.fbcoem.org.

Of course, in an emergency situation, always dial 911 for help!


Slideshare LogoSlideshare is a site which allows FBC OEM to share slide shows with our community. Slideshare can be viewed as a YouTube for slide shows, it allows you to follow OEM, comment on slide shows, and favorite and share our presentations.

For our revently loaded slideshows, visit the Fort Bend county OEM's Slideshare account.

We pretty much only use SlideShare to display presentations on our site, so if you want to get a hold of us you're better off using our online form at http://contact.fbcoem.org.

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