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SkyWarn Net Control Scripts

Posted February 19, 2009 2:59:57 PM CST

Skywarn LogoFBC/EMROG

Attention all stations, this is (Call sign)__________ activating the Fort Bend County severe weather net. The net is now placed in ___________status. (Stand-by or Active)

Stand-by status- Severe weather is possible in the area. Amateurs should watch for signs of severe weather and report them to net control. Normal activity on this repeater is allowed, however, stations should keep transmissions short to allow for break-ins for weather reports. This is (Call sign)__________ net control.

Active Status- Severe weather is imminent or occurring in Fort Bend County, this is a directed net and all traffic on this net will be directed by net control. Only stations with legitimate severe weather reports or emergency traffic should break into this net. The only reports to be made are: reports of tornados on the ground, funnel clouds, rotating wall clouds, hail, winds 50 MPH or greater, flooding and storm damage. Reports not meeting these criteria should not be passed, unless specifically requested by net control. This is (Call sign)__________ net control. Remain in active mode only as long as necessary, then return to stand-by status and/or close the net.

Continuity Announcement

Attention all stations, This is (Call sign)__________ net control station for the Fort Bend County severe weather net. A severe weather net is in ___________status (Stand-by or Active). This should be transmitted every ten minutes or if unwanted activity starts up on the frequency.

To Secure the Net

Attention all stations. This is (Call sign)__________ net control operator for the Fort Bend County severe weather net. I will close the severe weather net at this time. I would like to thank all stations for their participation in this net. Your help is greatly appreciated. I will now return this frequency back to normal use this is (Call sign)__________ clear.

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