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Fort Bend County Fire Chiefs Meeting 7-17-14

Posted July 30, 2014 3:19:30 PM CDT



Fort Bend County Fire Chiefs Meeting            


Meeting Date: July 17, 2014          

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM
Meeting Location: Fort Bend OEM




  •          Daniel Baum-Pearland Fire Dept
  •          Larry Di Camillo-Stafford Fire Dept
  •          Mark Flathouse-FBC Fire Marshal
  •          Jerry Gania-Village of Pleak Fire Dept
  •          Wade Goates-Rosenberg Fire Dept
  •          Mike Hafer-Richmond Fire Dept
  •          Jeffrey Hevey-West IH-10 Fire Dept
  •          David Luedeke-Needville Fire Dept
  •          Herc Meier-Fulshear-Simonton Fire Dept
  •          Rick Poirier-Willowfork Fire Dept
  •          Craig Rader-Needville Fire Dept
  •          Russell Sander-Missouri City Fire Dept
  •          Alan Spears-Fort Bend OEM
  •          Chris Tormey-Fresno Fire Dept



Call to Order


  • Alan Spears called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM


Discussion Items


  •          Welcome and Self Introduction (Spears)


  •          Confirmation of Local Resources


  •          Program-Andrew Haire-Regional Coordinator, Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force


  •   Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force (TLDDTF) has been in existence for 14 years
  •   It is a donations funded organization
  •   Started out as a Firefighter ministries, and evolved into an Honor Guard
  •   There is an Honor Guard Academy that trains in Taylor Tx.
  •   TLDDTF would like to have an Academy in Fort Bend County and train some local firefighters
  •   What the TLDDTF does:
    •    They will bring in honor guard members from all over the state to assist with the funeral of a fallen firefighter
    •    Provide bunting for fire trucks in the funeral procession
    •    Helps with the planning of the funeral
    •    Helps the family with necessary paperwork, ie After Death Benefits, counseling, finances
    •    Will help provide backfill for departments
    •    They do not self deploy-The regional representative can be called and get the process started
    •    Will provide around the clock casket watch
    •    Will provide a Chaplain for the family
    •    Provide 3 Tiers of assistance: Line of Duty Death, Retired, Off Duty Death
    •    Each Tier is different depending on the circumstances


  •          Fort Bend County Fire Fighters Association Meeting



Action Items


Next Meeting-MOUs between departments and county




Stafford FD is sponsoring a Combat Ready Class on August 23rd. Flyer has been sent out

Pleak is holding their fundraising raffle, will last 26 weeks. Flyer has been sent out




Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.  Fort Bend County Firefighters meeting started immediately afterward


Next Meeting 


Next Meeting Date:  August 21, 2014

Next Meeting Time:   7 PM

Next Meeting Location:  Fort Bend OEM 


Minutes Submitted By: Alan Spears, Deputy EMC, Fort Bend OEM 


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