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FBC Fire Chiefs Meeting 03-20-14

Posted April 1, 2014 10:06:41 AM CDT


Fort Bend County Fire Chiefs Meeting            

 Meeting Date: March 20, 2014                

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM
Meeting Location: Fort Bend OEM


  • Doug Barnes-Fort Bend OEM
  • Daniel Baum-Pearland Fire Dept
  • Ray Burciaga-Richmond Fire Dept/OEM
  • Jerry Gania-Village of Pleak Fire Dept
  • Dean Hamrick-Pecan Grove Fire Dept
  • Pat Hughes-City of Sugar Land
  • Edward Norman-Fort Bend OEM
  • Craig Rader-Needville Fire Dept
  • Michael Richter-Needville Fire Dept
  • Russell Sander-Missouri City Fire Dept
  • Joshua Shed-Fairchilds Fire Dept
  • Keelan Spaulding-Thompsons Fire Dept
  • Alan Spears-Fort Bend OEM
  • Chris Tormey-Fresno Fire Dept


Call to Order

 Alan Spears called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

 Discussion Items

 Welcome and Self Introduction (Spears)

 Confirm Local Resources (Spears)


  • Texas Forest Service (Nicole Lange/Kelly King)


  • Texas Forest Service is in the process of conducting a 2 part  survey of the local fire departments to help maintain personnel and equipment
  • They are trying to get an assessment of what the departments need ie. equipment, computers and such
  • A report will be generated and sent to elected officials to show where training and equipment needs are


 ATF (David Bock)


  • What is an explosive- An unstable chemical substance which is capable of undergoing a sudden and violent decomposition, instantaneously converting from a solid into rapidly expanding gasses, accompanied by heat, shock and loud noise
  • 2 Categories of explosives, High and Low
  • Low Explosives-gun powder, fireworks
  • High Explosives-Semtex, demolition charges, TNT
  • There is a lot of military ordinance in the private sector
  • Between 1998 and 2008, 24% of bombings in the US were done with homemade explosives
  • Majority of these were experimental and motivated by curiosity
  • Bombing response
    • Immediate evacuation of victims to minimize time in scene
    • Clear path for EMS to exit, but leave other response vehicles in place until the surrounding area is cleared of hazards or evidence
    • Avoid the use of a radio or mobile phone within the scene
    • Establish at least a 300 foot radius exclusion zone around the blast seat and anticipate this distance to expand
    • As a general rule, the post blast scene perimeter will be 50% greater than the distance from the blast seat to the farthest item of evidence found
    • Consider waiting 60 minutes before beginning to process the scene
    • Establish the command post location well outside of the scene, considering shielding, immediately conduct a search around the command post for secondary devices
    • Obtain the assistance of trained post blast investigators in conducting a secondary device search and in the processing of the scene
    • IED safety precautions
      • Be cautious when around detonators, deteriorated explosives and home made explosive labs
      • Do not touch or disturb a suspected IED
      • Move personnel to a safe location and prevent others from approaching
      • Be aware of surroundings; check for secondary or unexploded IED’s
      • Notify bomb squad; remain available




Action Items

 REMINDER: The Morton Lodge Gumbo Round up is April 12th at the fairgrounds.  They are still looking for Fire Departments to be involved in a cookout team and display any fire equipment for families and children.

Wayne Switzer is the Round up co-chair. He can be contacted at 281-226-0760 or 281-276-7608. I have also attached the flyer for the event.



 Next Meeting-Wilson Fire Equipment will conduct a demonstration of tools and foam at the Richmond Fire Field. They will also be providing dinner                            

 April 21-Pecan Grove VFD Golf Tournament fundraiser




  • Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


Next Meeting


Next Meeting Date:  April 17, 2014

Next Meeting Time:   7 PM

Next Meeting Location:  Richmond Fire Field


 Minutes Submitted By: Alan Spears, Deputy EMC, Fort Bend OEM 


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