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Summary, FBCCC, February 19, 2014

Posted March 3, 2014 9:15:34 AM CST

Meeting Summary – February 19, 2014
Fort Bend County OEM – 1:30 PM


  • American Red Cross: Justin Landers, Steven Meissner, David Spilman
  • City of Fulshear: Mary Meier
  • City of Katy: Maria Galvez, Kenneth Redding
  • City of Kendleton: Alfred Smallwood
  • City of Meadows Place: Dan McGraw
  • City of Missouri City: Judy Lefevers
  • City of Richmond: Kay Moss
  • City of Stafford: Jennifer Taylor
  • City of Sugar Land: Frank Garza, Pat Hughes
  • City of Weston Lakes: Barrett Shepherd
  • FBC HHS: Jason Goetzman
  • FBC Fire Marshal’s Office: Mark Flathouse
  • FBC OEM: Doug Barnes, Jeff Braun, Caroline Egan, Lach Mullen, Ed Norman, Kathy Renfrow, Zahra Rizvi, Alan Spears, Bob Stone
  • FBC Transportation: James Hoss
  • Medical Reserve Corps: William Forkner
  • Mental Health America of Fort Bend County: Barbara Carlson
  • St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital: Rainier Mendoza
  • TDEM: David Noak

Meeting called to order at 1:30 PM by Jeff Braun, Fort Bend County Emergency Management Coordinator. Self-introductions were conducted and the sign-in sheet was passed around.

  • Braun stated the focus of the meeting would be Mass Care 
    • Meeting purpose will be to go through Annex C: Shelter and Mass Care
    • There have also been organizational changes at the American Red Cross (ARC)
    • FBC OEM wants to make sure that people are aware of who our partners are
  • Braun mentioned that the meeting format would be changing to allow the program go first

Program: Mass Care in Fort Bend County

  • Discussion of Annex C: Shelter and Mass Care – Caroline Egan, FBC OEM
    • Egan provided an overview of Annex C: Shelter and Mass Care to the FBC Emergency Operations Plan
      • Types of Mass Care operations were discussed: sheltering, feeding, bulk distribution/Commodity PODs, welfare inquiries
      • Functional Needs Support Services (FNSS) in Mass Care
      • Medical Sheltering vs. General Population Sheltering
      • Role of American Red Cross in FBC
      • Role and resources FBC has in mass care operations
      • Mass care is linked to other aspects and plans in disaster response
    • Annex C can be accessed on the FBC OEM website (www.fbcoem.org)
      • You must be logged into the site in order to view the FBC EOP and Annexes
      • To get access to the FBC OEM site, contact Lach Mullen
  • American Red Cross Presentation – Steven Meissner, American Red Cross
    • ARC has gone through a recent restructuring
    • Introduced new Disaster Program Manager – Justin Landers
      • Covers Fort Bend, Austin, Waller, Wharton, Colorado, and the entire Katy area
      • Is based in Fort Bend County
    • Sheltering
      • ARC stores its shelter information in the National Shelter System (NSS)
        • There are currently 16 ARC shelters in FBC for a total of 2,000 spaces
        • ARC is willing to share this information with anyone who needs it
      • Goal is to go through the lists of all of the shelters and re-survey these facilities
      • ARC considers themselves co-leads with local jurisdictions regarding mass care
      • ARC provides all of its own logistics however they do not stockpile resources locally
        • Will need to work with local jurisdictions on obtaining supplies when needed
      • Are looking to train more shelter teams that can be deployed out
        • Also looking to type shelter teams based on shelter population size
      • Will be performing a gap analysis by Hurricane Season to learn what resources they have in the area
        • Want to start basing resources locally
        • Want to know that the local population looks like and what their needs are
      • ARC still does not allow pets into ARC shelters
        • Extended offer to work with local jurisdictions on co-location sheltering options for pets
    • Meissner also discussed other mass care operations
      • Feeding operations
        • Shelters provide at least two hot meals per shelter
        • Looking to partner with local organizations/restaurants to help
      • Bulk distribution
        • ARC does not want to open their own Commodity PODs anymore
          • Would like to work with jurisdictions in coordinating operations
        • Can also do mobile distribution of bulk items
          • Have a fleet of vehicles to assist with this – but ARC does not necessarily have the manpower to go door to door
      • Family Reunification
        • Safe and Well Website

Business Items:

  • Community Partners in Preparedness (Renfrow)
    • Met with the Fort Bend Society of Commercial Realtors recently
      • Want to partner with area realtors to help the county find warehouse space for donations management during a disaster
    • FB Connect Meeting
      • Are trying to move the meetings to locations on both sides of the county – one month on east side, next month on west side, etc.
      • Want to reach a wider audience by moving locations
      • Contact Renfrow for meeting locations
    • FBC Emergency Preparedness Workshop will be May 30th
      • Will have a kick-off planning meeting on March 4th at OEM
  • FBC Fire Chiefs (Spears)
    • February monthly meeting will be tomorrow evening
      • Have two programs scheduled
        • Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office will discuss the analog to digital transition on TXWARN
        • FBC Fire Marshal (Mark Flathouse) will discuss fire dispatch
  • FBC PIO Network (Mullen)
    • Most recent PIO Network Meeting was on February 7th
      • Was a good meeting with approximately 12 people in attendance
      • FBI had to back out at the last minute as the program speaker – they will be on the agenda for the April Meeting
      • Conducted a social media roundtable to discuss who is using what social media platforms and for what purposes
      • Next meeting is scheduled for April 4th at the Travis Building
  • FBC Training & Exercise Committee (Egan)
    • FBC OEM will be hosting a MGT 346: EOC Operations and Planning for All-Hazards
      • March 25-27, 2014
      • Location: FBC Sheriff’s Academy
      • Egan provided flyers advertising the class
    • Hazard Mitigation Plan - OEM will be conducting a review of the 2014 revised Hazard Mitigation Plan following the FBCCC meeting – it is open to all
  • Public Health Preparedness (Goetzman)
    • HHS is in the planning stages for their CASPER (Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response)
      • Target date to conduct the assessment is April 26
      • Will focus just on Rosenberg
      • Hope to expand the CASPER to other jurisdictions in the coming years
    • Have extended the deadline for feedback on the HHS online screening tool
      • Are wanting to solicit public feedback to work out any bugs in the system
  • Volunteer/Outreach (Norman)
    • Norman went through the FBC OEM Community Preparedness Newsletter
      • Newsletter is available on OEM website: www.fbcoem.org
      • Discussed the various programs put on by OEM (i.e. CERT)
    • Braun mentioned that he has asked Norman to plan ahead for these volunteer programs and put these dates on the Events page to garner more interest
      • All of the volunteer programs, along with their dates, are available on the OEM Event webpage
    • If anyone is interested in hosting any of these volunteer trainings, please get with Norman to set up your own class
  • Jurisdictional/Agency Announcements
    • Meadows Place (McGraw)
      • McGraw mentioned that Meadows Place has never really had an EOC before
        • Have taken over an old Municipal Utility District building and turned it into a Police Tactical Training Center
        • Two rooms of this building will be converted into an EOC for the city
      • McGraw provided an short explanation of Meadows Place’s efforts in water conservation/reuse
        • McGraw stated that Meadows Place has been asked to present at several conferences on how a small city can engage in a project regarding water conservation
    • Katy (Galvez)
      • City of Katy will be hosting an ICS 300 class
        • April 9, 10, 11, 2014
        • Is available on PreparingTexas.org
    • Braun mentioned that FBC OEM is working to set up additional ICS 300/400 classes in the County


      The Meeting adjourned at 3:02pm.

      • Next Meeting:    March 19, 2014
      • Program:          Local/Regional Resource Request Process Overview
        • Discussion of Annex M: Resource Management – Alan Spears, FBC OEM
        • Resource Request Process – Doug Barnes and Lach Mullen, FBC OEM
        • MACC Operations – Melanie Bartis, City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety & Homeland Security

      Minutes Respectfully Submitted By:
      Caroline Egan

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