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FY2013 Haz-Mat and TRT Grant Equipment/Training Purchase Update

Posted February 7, 2014 4:04:28 PM CST


I wanted to take a minute to provide everyone with a quick update as to where we are in the purchasing of the FY13 UASI Haz-Mat and TRT grant equipment as layed out in the grant applications.  It should be noted that items that say "PURCHASED" means that the equipment/training has either been approved and is going through procurement, or it means that we awaiting delivery of the items.  Items that say "NOT YET PURCHASED" means that either we are still waiting for a formal quote, or that there is some other issue that needs to be worked out at the next meeting.  Thanks

  1. Haz-Mat – Remaining Funds - $125,238
    1. Items to be purchased

                       i.       Air purifying gas mask cartridges (PURCHASED)

                       ii.      Bio-hazard gas mask cartidges (PURCHASED)

                       iii.      SCBA tank certification/testing (PURCHASED)

                       iv.      Detector maintenance (PURCHASED)

                       v.      Radiation detector calibration (PURCHASED)

                       vi.      Training prop for the fire field (NOT YET PURCHASED)

                       vii.      Cyanide antidote kit (NOT YET PURCHASED)

                       viii.      Disaster medical emergency kits (PURCHASED)

                       ix.      Training: transportation class (NOT YET PURCHASED)

                       x.      Training: LP gas training (NOT YET PURCHASED)

                       xi.      Training: Oil field interface (NOT YET PURCHASED)

  1. TRT - Remaining Funds - $166,105
    1. Items to be purchased

                       i.      Detector maintenance (PURCHASED)

                       ii.      Exothermic torch (PURCHASED)

                       iii.      Medical emergency kits (PURCHASED)

                       iv.      Consumables for quarterly trainings (NOT YET PURCHASED)

                       v.      Training: TEEX structural collapse training in College Station (PURCHASED)

                       vi.      Training: Backfill and overtime for 9 local quarterly trainings at Richmond Fire Field  (NOT YET PURCHASED)

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