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Fort Bend County Fire Chiefs Meeting 1-16-14

Posted April 28, 2014 11:13:02 AM CDT


Fort Bend County Fire Chiefs Meeting           

Meeting Date: January 16, 2014    

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM
Meeting Location: Fort Bend OEM 


  • Daniel Baum-Pearland Fire Dept
  • Michelle Braswell-Missouri City Fire Dept
  • Richard Ernest-Fairchild Fire Dept
  • Mark Flathouse-Fort Bend Fire Marshal
  • Jerry Gania-Village of Pleak Fire Dept
  • Mike Hafer-Richmond Fire Dept
  • Dean Hamrick-Pecan Grove Fire Dept
  • Melissa Howland-Fort Bend SO
  • Pat Hughes-Sugar Land OEM
  • Danny Jan-Fort Bend SO
  • Dale Lindeman-Beasley Fire Dept
  • Herc Meier-Fulshear-Simonton Fire Dept
  • Craig Rader-Needville Fire Dept
  • Michael Richter-Needville Fire Dept
  • Jonathon Sabrsula-Beasley Fire Dept
  • Joshua Shed-Fairchild Fire Dept
  • Scott Soland-Fort Bend SO
  • Keelan Spaulding-Thompsons Fire Dept
  • Alan Spears-Fort Bend OEM
  • Keith Thumann-Needville Fire Dept
  • Chris Tormey-Fresno Fire Dept

 Call to Order 

  • Alan Spears called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

 Discussion Items 

  • Welcome and Self Introduction (Spears)


  • Confirm Local Resources (Spears)


  • Scott Soland-Fort Bend SO Crisis Intervention Team


  • Developed as a program to provide a safe, proactive method for resolving explosive crisis situations
  • Built on a foundation of community collaboration and the development of a responsive and accessible Community Behavioral Health Crisis System
  • Trying to change the culture of law enforcement when dealing with people with mental illness
  • Works in conjunction with EMS, Fire Services, Mental Health Courts, Prosecutors, Public Defenders and Mental Health Probation Officers
  • Includes officer safety training to reduce injuries to both the officer and the consumer
  • The CIT works with community partners such as National Alliance on Mental Illness, Mental Health America, Autism groups
  • Also works with Local Mental Health Authority (Texana), Private Health Providers, Local Hospitals and Service organizations such as the Lions Club and the Exchange Club
  • There are local resources such as a Crisis Stabilization Unit that has and 8 bed involuntary area for emergency detentions and a 14 bed voluntary respite
  • Other local resources include Substance abuse programs, housing assistance and post incarceration assistance
  • The CIT consists of 9 deputies and 1 sergeant
  • Responsibilities include mental health transport, crisis calls requiring a higher level of training or extended time to resolve, connects consumers with resources
  • Ultimate goal of the unit is to:
    • Reduce incarcerations of persons suffering from a mental illness
    • Enhance law enforcement response and safety for both the officer and consumer
    • Improve patient care and family support
    • Reduce the number of State Facility admissions
    • Reduce emergency room admissions
    • Decrease the impact on EMS services


  • Mark Flathouse-Fort Bend County Fire Dispatch Committee


  • There are 11 different fire departments in the county that use the county dispatch
  • They dispatch 11 different ways on 11 different channels
  • Each department has their own needs
  • The county needs to move forward to manage dispatch better
  • Want to make sure when a department is called, they have the right equipment
  • Have looked at dispatch centers in other counties
  • Want to institute NIMs into dispatch
  • Goal is by June 1, 2015 to have 1 dispatch channel
  • Will make changes as the program is evaluated 

Action Items


REMINDER-Let your crews know that when they request air for their tanks at a fire scene, they need to specifically request CASCADE 71 to dispatch.  If they just say “I need air”,  it may cause some confusion and they may get some kind of aircraft. 

There will be a demonstration of CASCADE 71 in Pleak on February 18th


                Brazoria-Fort Bend Field Day is February 14, 15, and 16 at the Richmond Fire Field 

                Next meeting will be on February 20th at Fort Bend OEM

Rodney Reed with Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office will be here to discuss the Digital to Analog transition on the TXWARN system 

We will also have a question and answer workshop on the Fire Dispatch and where the county would like to go with it. Hopefully if any of you have any questions, they can be answered.


  • Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm

 Next Meeting 

Next Meeting Date:  February 20, 2014

Next Meeting Time:   7:00 PM

Next Meeting Location:  Fort Bend OEM


Minutes Submitted By: Alan Spears, Deputy EMC, Fort Bend OEM 


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