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Information: UASI FY13 Grant Message from Mel Bartis

Posted November 14, 2013 3:13:01 PM CST


Please see below from Mel Bartis regarding the FY13 UASI Grant.

Dear Grant Managers and UASI EMCs:

I wanted to briefly update you on the FY2013 hold on the UASI program. FEMA had some additional questions about one of our investment justifications. We have provided prompt, same-day responses to their inquiries. Our SAA has indicated they expect the hold to be released before the end of this month.

While I understand that there are concerns about receiving funds on time, here are some things we can do now to keep things flowing smoothly.

1) We encourage your jurisdiction's responsible grant POC to enter the initial BSIR in SPARS by the current deadline of Friday, November 15.

2) If your project requires EHP or a competitive bid, you can get started on that now to save time later.

3) Please do not panic. The state assures us that the money is available and it is coming. Grant funded staff need not worry. We are doing everything in our power to quickly address all related issues. If you have concerns about any particular project, please contact me. If I don't know the answer, I will work quickly to get it for you.


Things that can't be done until the hold is released:

1) The SRAs can't be released to you, and this holds up the rest of the process.

2) You won't be able to see your projects or enter milestones for each project in SPARS until the subrecipient agreements are signed and returned. HOWEVER, you can have your milestones prepared now so that you can enter them quickly later. We understand that these may not be able to be completed and entered by the current December 4 deadline, even if the hold is released tomorrow. The state will work with us on a revised deadline for these milestones. Please know that we can't enter any expenditure requests until this is done. There is a powerpoint in SPARS in the admin menu (under forms) called SAA project milestones instructions if you have any questions on how to do this.

Again, please know we are doing everything we can to move forward with FY2013.

Please call with any questions or concerns.


Mel Bartis

Melanie Bartis
UASI and RCPI Program Manager
City of Houston
Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security
900 Bagby, 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Office: 832-393-0917
Mobile: 713-628-9392
Fax: 832-393-0926


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