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Summary, FBC PIO Network Meeting, July 10, 2012

Posted August 30, 2012 11:38:05 AM CDT

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 11:30 A.M.
Fort Bend County Health and Human Services


  • Jeff Braun - FBC OEM
  • Mike Rockwood - Lamar CISD
  • Beth Wolf - FBC Judge's Office
  • Lach Mullen - FBC OEM
  • Danny Jan - FBC SO
  • Bob Haenel - FBC SO
  • Melanie Manville - FBC HHS


Melanie Manville gave the group an overview of the public information tasks her office handles, including updates on public health messaging and animal issues.

New Business

IPAWS and Fort Bend County

Lach Mullen gave an overview of how IPAWS, CMAS, and WEA all work together for the county and highlighted planning concerns we have at the local level that jurisdictions should be considering.

FBC PIO Network Hosting Opportunities

We discussed locations to host the PIO Network; everyone agreed changing the loaction each month is a good idea. Bob Haenel volunteered to host the next meeting.

EPIP Validation Exercise

Lach Mullen updated the group on the progress of the EPIP validation and the exercise planned for August 22. It will be held at the Houston Emergency Center (HEC) from 1:00 to 4:30. PIOs and Emergency Management officials are encouraged to attend. A formal invitation will follow shortly. There will be several people leaving from Fort Bend County that day and we suggest we carpool from OEM as parking can be tight at the HEC.

To review the EPIP, either for the exercise or for use by your organization, download it here: http://www.houstonuasi.com/go/doc/1532/1187703/Houston-EPIP-Final-Version

What's new in the Emergency Management World

Jeff Braun gave an update on what's happening in Emergency Management right now:


  • Follow-up exercise from 2010 pipeline exercise
  • No-notice exercise in spring of 2013
  • Regional Catastrophic Planning Initiative exercise


  • MGT-314
    Excellent Incident Command System training. Mini-exercises and a full-day exercise. Conducted by TEEX in College Station in Disaster City. Probably the best ICS class offered anywhere in the country.
  • G-290
    Basic PIO Class offered by TDEM. Prerequisite to E-388 (below)
  • E-388
    Advanced PIO Training offered in Maryland at the Emergency Management Institute

Securing the Cities Initiative

Project is currently in data-collection phase; goal is to enhance the radiological detection system in the region.

Sustainment of programs

There are a number of regular meetings going on in Fort Bend County and the Region which our regional partners are encouraged to attend:

Community Partners in Preparedness

FBC OEM Program to develop deeper ties with community partners. This new program could be discussed in more detail at upcoming meeting.

Changes at FBC OEM

  • Shauna's position is now filled by Caroline Egan
  • Zahra Rizvi is new intern for FBC OEM
  • Miles has left to take role as Assistant Director of Planning and Exercises for TDEM in Austin, Doug Barnes has filled his position.

New webpage

Lach reviewed the new webpage for the PIO Network (http://www.fbcoem.org/go/doctype/1528/30031/Fort-Bend-County-PIO-Network) and encouraged members to use it for information sharing.

Other New Business

We discussed how we could get more participation at this group. Regular scheduled meetings are a part of it, as is compelling program. We also need to do better at communicating upcoming meetings and sending reminders. We also need to make sure we're hitting everyone applicable with our contact list. Lach will check with the Houston/Galveston PIO Network to see if there are other Fort Bend County people who should be invited to this group. We will also start sending meeting reminders a week ahead of the meeting so people remember when and where it will be held.

We also discussed making sure we all have up-t-date media lists. At an upcoming meeting, we will bring media lists to share, or will send them to Lach ahead of time to be consolidated into a master Media List for Fort Bend County.

Next Meeting

The group discussed meeting on September 12, 2012 at the Fort Bend County Sherriff's office. Lunch will be provided. We will need a headcount for this meeting so Danny Jan can arrange for lunches from the jail. NOTE: September 12 conflicts with another regional meeting, we are in the process of finding a new date for the FBC PIO Network meeting.

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