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Technical Rescue Team Committee Meeting Minutes 10-27-11

Posted August 3, 2012 3:04:34 PM CDT





Technical Rescue Team Committee Meeting Minutes 10-27-11

1 Paige Day

1.1 New Asst Chief-Missouri City

2 MOU update

2.1 MO City in Hand

2.2 Stafford

2.2.1 council next wed

2.3 Rosenberg

2.3.1 1st

2.4 Richmond

2.4.1 will fill in later

3 Certificates

3.1 given out to Mike Hafer

3.1.1 all were Richmond FD

4 Grant Management Review

4.1 2009

4.1.1 Training one Nov 14 class take one out from Rosenberg

4.1.2 money left over for equipment email participants to Committee will get equipment list to Bob by 11-15-11

4.2 2010

4.2.1 zero

4.3 2011

4.3.1 169K equipment training may look at TFL small component of Trench

5 SOG Review

5.1 look at changes made today

5.2 Paige has a draft to apply to the document

5.3 flow chart the activation process

6 Designation of Task Force Leaders

6.1 Commitment

6.1.1 Richmond Chris Kahl Jose Mangana Bryan Lewis

6.1.2 Rosenberg will email

6.1.3 Stafford mason mills Efrem Burns

6.1.4 MO City Dave Matthews Greg Ybarra Jonathon Sabrsula

6.2 Training

6.2.1 TFL may look at more of a command officer looking at branch director or search and rescue manager

6.2.2 Kevin Kress TFL information

7 Training Update

7.1 shoring

7.1.1 1st month

7.2 breaking

7.2.1 2nd month

7.3 scenario

7.3.1 three days caught as many shifts as possible 1st day deployment used SOG procedures Comms issues dispatch took 10 minutes Richmond and MO city radios FG4 are different FG 4 and 3 are really FG3 go to FG3 for now MO city may have a problem Paige is checking it took time established scene organization

7.3.2 pictures send OEM

7.3.3 hot washes send OEM

7.4 realistic training

7.5 good job by training committee

7.6 operational period changes

8 Other Business

8.1 radio frequencies for region

8.1.1 James will get the answer

9 Next meeting

9.1 Send out Timebridge request

10 Discussion Information

10.1 Paige recommends base training for team

10.1.1 quarterly training by training committee

10.2 need to develop yearly training requirements

10.3 Baseline should be set after Nov course

10.4 EMS

10.4.1 Committee would like EMS to perform team support with a squad

10.4.2 In county there is a squad committed to the task

10.4.3 Committee is asking EMS look at out of county support by a squad

10.4.4 Committee discussing outfitting Rehab trailer with necessary equipment to keep a squad in service

10.5 EMS is developing a all hazard support team

10.6 OEM/Regional

10.6.1 TEEX course disaster medical specialist medical technician

10.6.2 Committee wants OEM to talk to TEEX

10.7 Kevin

10.7.1 having a class A DL course

10.7.2 Richmond class B only driving


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