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TRT Committee meeting Minutes 09-27-11

Posted August 3, 2012 3:04:22 PM CDT



TRT Committee


Outline of meeting information


1.1 billing for time and equipment

1.1.1 no on natural

1.1.2 construction accident-yes manpower time equipment

1.1.3 mechanism for OT and call back time

1.1.4 county bill mechanism to reimburse the cities for their time County order supplies and replenish the teams Hazmat has been using 450.00 an hour plus consumables 35 a hour for personnel

1.2 Training and Exercise cost

1.2.1 MO City needs saw blades replaced also has concrete wall and reusable props


2.1 page 2 capabilities and resources

2.1.1 list physical resources by jurisdiction MO Primemover HR-3 Pinform Richmond HR-1 Primemover Rosenberg HR-2 Primemover Stafford rescue truck Primemover low boy trailer gator FBC EMS send a squad

2.1.2 changes will to may cities to jurisdictions Fire Chief/Department head

3 Training Update

3.1 Oct 11-13

3.1.1 Training committee would like to tone out across three days to catch all shifts 4 hour training 8am to 12 noon culverts at field

4 Training Prerequisites

4.1 no pro board necessary to participate on team

4.2 last class in Nov will wait until further down the line

5 Training and Exercise supplies

5.1 MO City

5.1.1 saw blades

6 Grant Management Review

6.1 338K total

6.1.1 104k was TEEX

6.1.2 Overtime and Backfill Stafford no overtime/Backfill

6.1.3 193K remaining need training groups to look at what they trained on and then look at getting it

7 Certificates

7.1 Passed out by jurisdiction

8 other business

8.1 Hazmat wants set phone number to call in county

8.2 PR type program

8.3 Training

8.3.1 West confined

8.3.2 East trench

8.3.3 entire team is activated on an event

8.3.4 continue training all hazard approach

8.3.5 Primemover will carry a lot of the equipment limited space for high angle and confined space

8.4 www.tdms.org

8.4.1 Texas disaster medical system

8.4.2 8 regions we are region 1 5 ambulance strike teams mobile medical unit 2 bus teams 1 RN strike team Victor Wells-head

9 Next meeting

9.1 each jurisdiction designate 2-3 TFL

9.1.1 one for each shift company officer

9.2 Communications

9.2.1 check with James Pitts on Mutual Aid channels

9.3 resubmit SOG by 10-14-11

9.4 end of Oct meeting

9.5 send out final copy of MOU


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