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TRT Committee meeting Minutes 08-10-11

Posted August 3, 2012 3:04:07 PM CDT




TRT Committee


Outline of meeting information

1 Members Present

1.1 Russell Sander

1.2 Mike Hafer

1.3 Mason Mills

1.4 Kevin Kress

1.5 Darrell Himly

1.6 Robert Stone

1.7 Miles Tollison

2  SOG Review

2.1 There were several suggestions for incorporation into the document

2.2 Group will send Miles more information to include

2.3 Group discussed how to get word out to all jurisdictions about contact through Stafford Dispatch

2.4 Discussion about Miles and James contacting the General Contractors group in the Houston area

3 Grant Management Review

3.1 Overview of remaining classes, backfill, and overtime against the available grant funds

4 PIER Website

4.1 TRT will have its own place on the FBC PIER website

4.2 The website will host training registrations, the SOG, the MOU and other documents relevant to the TRT

5 Training update/Policy

5.1 Mason gave an overview of the training committee

5.1.1 Mason will provide members names at the next meeting

5.1.2 Each jurisdiction is represented in the committee

5.1.3 The Committee decided to have a 2-3 week cutoff period for each course so they could send out to the region if there were paid slots still available

5.1.4 The Committee and FBC will not pay for out of County overtime and backfill

6 Next Meeting

6.1 We will continue to use the Timebridge to ascertain next meeting

6.2 Next Meeting is set for September 07, 2011


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