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Technical Rescue Team Meeting Minutes from 10/25/2010

Posted February 22, 2012 2:53:18 PM CST

Date: October 25, 2010

Time: 10:00 AM

Place: Fort Bend County OEM
307 Fort Street
Richmond, Texas

Parties: Mike Hafer, Richmond FD

  • Russell Sander, Missouri City FD
  • Larry Dicamillo, Stafford FD
  • Darrell Himly, Rosenberg FD
  • Bob Stone, FBC OEM

Subject: Meeting of Fort Bend County Technical Rescue Committee

At this meeting the Regional Texas USAR Team initiative was discussed. The discussion focused on how Fort Bend County would meet it obligations in filling the positions it was designated for. Fort Bend County is responsible for providing a regional rescue team which would be comprised of a Rescue Squad Officer, a Technical Search Specialist, Hazardous Materials Specialist, Medical Specialist and a Rescue Specialist. A county response plan needs to be developed. One thought was to have the east and west sides of the county each specialize in specific skills as opposed to all jurisdictions trying to be experts in all disciplines. The disciplines identified are Ropes, Trench, Structural Collapse, and Confine Spaces. One suggestion was to have Sugar Land take over Haz Mat responsibilities to allow the other jurisdictions to concentrate on the other areas.

Russell Sander provided an USAR Team organizational chart and position descriptions. It was suggested that at least two people from each jurisdiction present would be needed to staff this squad. It would also be necessary to determine what additional training would be needed to meet these position descriptions. It will also be necessary to determine a team manager, to assign a specialty to each department and to determine the number of members to send to an out of county response. Regionally it was agreed that the county would deploy a minimum of five members. It needs to be determined if this is adequate or if additional manpower may be needed. The departments need to develop a process to select the team members. 

It was recommended that each department train two individuals at the rescue manager level. Stafford agreed to be assigned the Rescue Specialist position. Richmond agreed to take the Hazardous Materials Specialists position. Rosenberg agreed to the Technical Search Specialists and Missouri City agreed to the Medical Specialists. It was discussed that the County Engineer’s Office might act as the Safety Officer and the County EMS could train to participate also as a Medical Specialists.

It was recommended that each department should identify six individuals for advanced level 3 and 4 Structural Collapse Tech training. It was felt that additional trench and confined space training would also be needed.

It was recommended that a county muster plan be developed and a drill be conducted in the County to test the plan. At this time the meeting was concluded. A future meeting date was not set at this time.  


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